City Storm Damage Response Plan

Beginning on Sunday, July 17th, the City of Bixby will be opening a debris management site for Bixby residents to unload tree debris from the recent storm events. City crews will be managing the site and consolidating the debris.

The debris management site will be open weekdays between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM from July 17, 2016 through July 31, 2016. The site will also be open between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on Saturday and Sundays. This site will be made available to Bixby residents for storm debris drop-off at no charge. Only tree debris will be accepted at the site. Commercial haulers and haulers with loads containing any other debris or waste will not be permitted site access. Patrons must present a recent Bixby water bill for site admittance.

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 Bixby’s No Knock List is Now Active

To permit Bixby residents an opportunity to avoid unwanted door-to-door solicitations, effective April 1, 2016, the City has established a “No Knock List”, which will be provided to door-to-door vendors, so they have notice that residents at the listed addresses are prohibited from solicitations there. To be added to the list, click on the “How do I…” tab above. Then scroll to and click on the “No Knock List” link. Then fill out the online form. It’s that easy.



Bixby Public Works begins Automated Meter Reading (AMR) conversion

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 AMR project to begin in 2016 – letter to customers

On Tuesday, June 21st, Bixby police, per current city protocols in a large-scale animal rescue, requested the free help of the Tulsa Humane Society to rescue more than 60 animals. The Humane Society deployed a specially trained mobile rescue team including handlers, registration and medical assessment, and a large bus to transport all of the animals at once to an emergency shelter set up in Bixby at 133rd and Memorial, where rescued animals can be adopted.

BPD officers have trained with the Humane Society for these types of situations where the safety of officers, animals, and the evidence in the investigation of animal-related complaints are important. For those reasons, when a large-scale rescue must be done, the Humane Society is the agency partner, regardless of the day-to-day animal shelter used. One arrest on a complaint of animal cruelty has been made.

The rescued animals are in a donated building in Bixby, near 133rd & Memorial, under the care of the Humane Society. As each animal is medically and emotionally cleared to be adopted, it is made available for adoption.

For an ongoing animal shelter for day-to-day animal control within Bixby, the City is working on specifications to accept proposals for an animal shelter provider. Currently, animals picked up by animal control are taken to a no-kill shelter in Sand Springs. “If we had a shelter in Bixby, it would be easier for citizens to locate lost pets or to adopt a new pet,” Ike Shirley, Chief of Police in Bixby, said.

Since an animal shelter is a contracted service for the city, and requires the expenditure of taxpayer dollars, there is a mandated process to follow to make the change. “Because the contracted service amount for a shelter is likely to be more than $10,000 annually, the Bixby City Charter and related purchasing ordinances specify that we must utilize Open Market Procedures… meaning the City must ‘solicit at least three (3) written bids, via mail, e-mail or fax, for competitive market quotations and the purchase shall then be awarded to the lowest and best bidder.’ Bixby Code, Section 2‑4‑7(A)(3),” Jared Cottle, City Manager of Bixby, said.

“We encourage all citizens to ensure their pets are tagged, so that lost pets can be reunited with their owners, and remind everyone to spay or neuter your pets,” he said.




Proposed  DOWNTOWN MASTER PLAN Presentation

Proposed  LAKE BIXOMA MASTER PLAN Presentation



Coming Events


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The Bixby Water Department is Now Enrolling for PAPERLESS E-BILLING


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Bixby Water Bill Payment Options

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 Mosquito Issues?

“The Tulsa Health Department is responsible for mosquito spraying in Bixby.  To have them spray your area, please call 918-595-4219”  More Information

 BTC Now TAKES PAYMENTS for Bixby Water Service


South tulsa bridge: public safety issue

Bixby officials say south Tulsa County bridge would enhance public safety

By STEPHANIE ANDRE World Correspondent |1 comment

BIXBY — The need for a bridge over the Arkansas River connecting south Tulsa to Jenks is not just a matter of convenience but more importantly a public safety issue, READ MORE HERE

Bixby becomes the first city in Oklahoma to have fiber based gigabit Internet service - See more at:

Exciting New Video Ad — The Bixby Journey

Watch it HERE Special Thanks to: Chad Brewer President – Brewer Construction Company

Bixby City Council Approves FY-15 Budget 


Blackboard Connect Link

The CIty of Bixby uses the Blackboard Connect portal to stay connected with its residents, signing up with Blackboard can get you any number of notifications from road closures to missing persons to things like flu clinic announcements. Both the Bixby Police and The City of Bixby work together in using this notification system to keep you safe and aware of what’s is happening in your community.If you’re interested in signing up with Blackboard Connect use the link attached at the bottom of this page.If you’re already signed up with Blackboard and wish to add phone numbers or email addresses that can be done simply by logging in on the same link at the bottom of the page.You can also use this form to opt out of Blackboard Connect listing or choose any of the groups we are setting up for special notifications.https://bixbyok.bbcportal.com/

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