Bixby Recycling Center

(One block east of 151st Street & Memorial)

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday 9:30A – 1:30P
Saturday 9:30A – 3:30
Sunday 10:30A – 2:30P

The Bixby Recycling Center accepts the following items:

Aluminum Cans (please rinse)
Newspaper (includes inserts)
Plastic #1 and #2 (Refers to those items with a neck or handle. Check the number on the bottom of the container. No lids please.)
Glass (Clear, brown or green. Please only include glass containers. No plates, ceramics, etc.)
Office Paper/Magazines (Includes envelopes, colored paper, and junk mail. Magazines no thicker than ½ inch.)
Steel Cans (vegetable cans, dog food cans, soup cans, etc.)

The following items can only be dropped off during regular business hours:

Automotive Oil and Antifreeze (up to five gallons per day)
Batteries (household and automotive)


For more information on hazardous waste disposal and chemical alternatives, visit:

or call (918) 584-0584

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