Nuisance Complaints

Contact Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement – 

The City of Bixby will attempt to reply to e-mail messages when the mailing name and address of the sender are included with the request to reply. Requests for reply which are time-sensitive should be made by telephone or fax.

To report a public nuisance, download our Nuisance Complaint Form.


The following are not considered code enforcement nuisances by ordinance, and citizens should contact the Bixby Police non emergency number (918) 366-8294 to issue complaints:

  1. Any instances involving on-street parking (trailers, overnight parking, illegal parking, etc.)
  2. Noise complaints (Bixby PD has specialized equipment to record excessive and nuisance noises)
  3. Animals (Bixby’s Animal Control Officer is an officer of the Police Department and complaints should be issued through that office.)
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