Staff Directory


Main Switchboard: (918) 366-4430
Main Fax: (918) 366-6373
Inspection & Cemetery Fax: (918) 366-4416
Non-Emergency Police / Fire (918) 366-8294
Police Fax (918) 366-2050
Emergency 911



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Accounts Payable – Gladys Gill
Animal Control  Russ Murry
Building Inspector – Farley Fisher
Buy Bixby – Buy Bixby 
Cemetery Administrator –Donna Crawford
City Attorney –Steven Oakley
City Clerk –Yvonne Adams
City Engineer –Jared Cottle, PE
City Manager Jared Cottle, PE 
City Planner –Marcae Hilton
City Treasurer –Charles Barnes
Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement – Jim Sweeden
Community Development Coordinator – Donna Crawford
Court Clerk – Debra Sheridan
Economic Development Director – Jason Mohler
Fire Chief – Currently Vacant   

Interim Fire Chief- Joey Wiedel
Fire Code Enforcement Official – Joey Wiedel
Fire Marshal –Joey Wiedel
Neighborhood Coordinator – Jim Sweeden
Parks Director –Don Cash
Payroll Administrator –LeAnn Tunnell
Police Chief – Ike Shirley
Prosecutor – Steven Oakley
Public Works Director – Bea Aamodt, P.E.
Public Works Receptionist – Rhonda Neuerburg
Street Superintendent (BPWA) – Erik Dye
Water Department  – Billing & Inquiries 
Water Superintendent – Heath Wright 



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If you are uncertain of the appropriate department, please CLICK HERE

The City of Bixby will attempt to reply to e-mail messages when the mailing name and address of the sender are included with the request to reply. Requests for reply which are time-sensitive should be made by telephone or fax.

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