Water & Sewer

Paperless Water E-Billing

E-billing: Save Paper, Save Trees, Save the Enviroment!

The City of Bixby offers Paperless Billing in the hopes to decrease its imprint on our environment. E-billing also assists you in never losing or misplacing your bill ever gain. 

Paperless Water E-Billing Sign up

Late Payments / Cut-Offs

If payment is not received by the 15th of each month, a late fee of 10% of water bill will be added to your account.

After the bill becomes delinquent, service will be disconnected. A minimum $30 charge will be added for reinstatement.

Depending on the location of your new facility, water will be provided by municipal sources or by a rural water district. Either way, expect a low-cost water supply. Water - Bixby has connections with Tulsa on all sides where there is access, which provides an unlimited water supply.

  • Local supplier - Bixby Public Works Authority
  • Source of supply - City of Tulsa
  • Distribution
    • Miles of network - 496-509-feet or 94.03 miles
    • Size 2 inches - 12 inches
    • Type of pumping system - electric
    • Pressure maintained - main line is 110 PSI (pounds/square inch)
  • Storage capacity at ground level - 2,350,000 gallons
  • Planned expansions - upgrade of controls and valves and upgrading of both wastewater lagoons

Water Leaks

If you determine you have a water leak on your property:

  • During normal operating hours, call 918-366-4430
  • After hours, call the police department’s non-emergency number at 918-366-8294

Chloramines Conversion

For any questions or concerns about the upcoming Chloramines Conversion please go to City of Tulsa water and sewer.

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