Building Permit Process

Building Permits

The City of Bixby currently uses GovMOtus for the permit requests. 


The following requirements are to be included with the submission of each Residential Building Permit:

  1. Plan Analysis for HVAC
  2. Braced Wall Line Drawings plus calculations (PDF)
  3. Complete Site Plan showing easements detailing accurate footage from structure to property lines including patios
  4. Full set of construction drawings which should include floor plan, elevations, wall details, footing and slab details. 
  5. Copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance
  6. Workers Compensation Insurance (if applicable),  
  7. A completed copy of the Water Service Form
  8. Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, OKR10 Construction Activities Permit 


The information provided below is provided to assist new businesses or individuals by identifying City staff and/or questions they will need to consider when developing a project for submission to the City. For additional information, please contact the City offices.

Bixby City Building Codes

As of this year, the City of Bixby has adopted the following building codes: