Commercial & Residential are the same

The building owner is responsible for the purchase, installation and providing the required documents of the Key Box.  The key box can be purchased directly through Knox Box at  Authorization forms are also available at the Fire Marshal's office for pickup.

LOCATION:  Must be approved by the Fire Department.  It must be mounted on the building exterior at a height of five feet and within three feet of the direct access point (front door, main gate).  Flush mounted Series 3200 or surface mounted Series 3200 installations will be permitted provided the Knox Box is clearly marked.


  • Keys to locked points of egress, whether in exterior and/or interior of such buildings; This requirement may be waived if it is agreed that a high security risk exist. (Example Banks, Pharmacies)
  • Keys to locked mechanical, elevator rooms.
  • Keys to areas that may be required by the Fire Chief and/or Fire Marshal.
  • Three points of contact; provide names, phone numbers and titles.

When the installation is complete and the required contents are ready for activation of box, contact the Fire Marshal to approved contents and lock the box.