Retail Fireworks Permit

City of Bixby Retail Fireworks Permit Application

The City of Bixby appreciates your interest and assistance with safe operation of fireworks sales business within our city limits, but also to apprise you of requirements for the City to enforce the more stringent regulations imposed by the 2015 International Code Council (ICC) Fire Code, which was adopted by the City. In light of these updated regulations, the Bixby Fire Marshal’s Office asks that all fireworks vendors familiarize themselves with these regulations, to ensure that they are always operating within the law. A copy of these requirements is included with application for your convenience. Following your review of these, we ask that you evaluate both your current operation and location to ensure that you meet all requirements of the Fire Code and the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal's Office.

 We encourage all persons interested in selling fireworks next year have their applications turned in to the Bixby Fire Marshal’s Office no later than May 1.  We cannot ensure any applications turned in after May 1 will be processed through our permitting process in time to sell fireworks.  Please ensure that you have all information needed with your permits upon submittal.  We will not approve any applications if we do not have the following items:  (Be sure and include, as applicable, requirement for copy of sales tax permit, tax id?? ,etc.. ) 


STEP 1: Obtain an application which can be mailed to:

City of Bixby

Fire Marshal’s Office

116 W. Needles Avenue

Bixby, OK 74008



STEP 2: Select location for the retail fireworks stand

  • Ensure the Fireworks Stand retail location is located in a commercially zoned area.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify that your stand location is in an approved zoned area.  Please do not accept the word of the property owner as to the correct zoning of the property.  Re-zoning of property occurs often and your location may not be approved.
  • Contact Planning Department to verify the current zoning of your selected location.  You can reach the Planning Department at (918) 366-0430.  Please advise the administrative staff that you need to verify property zoning.


STEP 3: Obtain property owner consent, if necessary

  • If you are NOT the property owner of your selected location, written consent from the property owner will need to be obtained for your application.


STEP 4:  Prepare a site diagram to be submitted with your application.  All of the  following information is required to be on the site diagram (See Site Diagram Example).  Omission of required information may delay your application process or prevent your application from being approved.

Name of the retail standAddress of the stand locationAddress of the stand locationPublic roadways surrounding or adjacent to the property
 Names of public roadwaysLocation and name of any building located on the property Location of retail fireworks stand on the propertySize of the temporary structure (tent) being used
 Distance between the stand and any existing buildings on the propertyVehicle access and parking areas Location and type of portable fire extinguishersMeans of egress


STEP 5:  Obtain a photocopy of the “Certificate of Flame Resistance” of the tent being used.

  • The “Certificate of Flame Resistance” will need to be obtained from the company that you rent your tent from.
  • Only tents provided by a commercial rental company will be approved for use as a retail fireworks stand, providing that the tent has a “Certificate of Flame Resistance”
    • Tents or canopies purchased at retail stores such as: Discount stores, sporting goods stores, department stores, home improvement stores, etc., will not be allowed for use.


STEP 6: Application Deadline: 5:00 pm, May 1st.

We cannot ensure applications submitted after the deadline date will be approved through our permitting process in time to sale fireworks during the season. (NOTE: If May 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be the first business day following the weekend)

Return the completed application to the Fire Marshal’s Office, with the following information attached.

  • Oklahoma State Fire Marshal Retail Fireworks License
  • Oklahoma Tax Commission Sale Permit
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Site Plan
  • Certificate of Flame Resistance ( for tents)
  • Sign permit application w/ Site Plan