Downtown Bixby Facade Grant

Downtown Bixby Façade Boundaries Properties within or abutting the following streets; Memorial Rd to Montgomery St & from 151st St to Breckenridge StreetDowntown Bixby Façade Grant Program Guidelines

The Façade Grant Program is designed to further the goals and objectives of the Bixby Downtown Design Overlay Standards by creating the financial incentives needed to encourage revitalization efforts and to retain or create economic development opportunities. This program will address building code deficiencies as part of each approved project. 

Eligible Applicants

Downtown property owners with commercial property in the Façade Grant Program boundaries. 

Downtown Bixby Façade Boundaries

Properties within or abutting the following streets; Memorial Rd to Montgomery St & from 151st St to Breckenridge Street. 

General Conditions

  • Property must be located in the defined Façade Grant Program Boundaries. 
  • Projects must include the rehabilitation of an existing structure.
  • Property cannot be residential. 
  • All existing code deficiencies within a scope of a project must be corrected and new improvements must comply with all applicable codes and ordinances. 
  • Exterior alterations are subject to design review and approval. The Bixby Downtown Design Overlay Standards shall apply to projects located in the Bixby Downtown Design Overlay Districts. Projects which conform to the applicable standards will be reviewed and approved by the Overlay Administrator and City Manager. All City Staff approved Façade Grant Program Applications will be submitted to the Bixby City Council for final review and approval. Bixby City Council is responsible for reviewing any requested modifications per the Bixby Downtown Design Overlay Guidelines
  • Projects submitted must bring the property closer to compliance with Downtown Overlay District Standards. 
  • Any signs on the property that do not comply with City zoning regulations and Overlay Standards must be included in the design review and improved to comply with applicable City Codes. Submittal must include the design materials and colors that will be used on the sign face, how the sign will be displayed, and any lighting proposed. 
    A detailed rendering/drawing of the proposed project must be included. The plans should include dimensions and architectural details and label materials. Plans prepared by a design professional (e.g. architect or draftsperson) are strongly recommended. Applications without detailed drawings will not be considered complete. 
  • The Façade Grant Program only covers projects of property visible from public right-of-way. 
  • Applicant will not be reimbursed for personal labor costs or labor costs of family members, nor can these costs be counted in the total project costs. 
  • Applicants may apply for multiple projects but shall not receive more than the maximum cap amount ($10,000) of assistance in total per property
  • Deviation from an approved project plan shall disqualify the project from the program. 
  • Applications will be reviewed monthly by the Development Services Department. The Department will score each application and will fund projects that meet the program criteria and are ready to commence within three months. 
  • Approved applicants participating in the Downtown Bixby Façade Grant Program must grant the City of Bixby an Aesthetic Infrastructure Easement. 

Eligible Activities and Assistance 

This program provides grants to commercial property for façade renovation to encourage revitalization, improve the overall appearance, create jobs, and/or produce additional sales tax revenue. Amount of Grant: 1:1 matching grant not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) shall be awarded by the City to qualifying projects based on total eligible project costs. (Example: $8,500 in eligible project costs would receive a $4,250 grant matched by $4,250 in private contribution; $20,000 or greater in eligible project costs would receive the maximum $10,000 grant.) 

Grant Specific Conditions

  • Reimbursement is for labor and material costs associated with façade improvements, including but not limited to, rehabilitating or improving windows, paint, signage, screening, or awnings to enhance overall appearance. 
    • excluding personal labor and labor costs of family members
    • Murals and/or painted signs are excluded from the program reimbursement. 
  • Hardscaping or screening with fencing or retaining walls may be a reimbursable expense if a determination is made that property is improved adjacent to a public right-of-way. 
  • In order to receive reimbursement for repointing, a mortar analysis sample may be requested for each façade that will be repointed. The applicant must adhere to the results of that analysis in their rehabilitation work as part of their approved project plan. The City may request verification that the new mortar matches the results of the mortar analysis. 
  • Reimbursable expenditures must be documented. 
  • Grants will be disbursed upon completion of work at a rate of $.50 for each $1.00 of qualified costs. 

Grant Approval Process

  1. Submissions must include all required documentation. Incomplete applications will not be considered for further review. 
  2. Proposed projects are reviewed by the Development Services Department to determine whether the proposed project adheres to code ordinances and Overlay Design Standards. 
  3. Grant applications conforming to the Design Standards will be reviewed by Bixby City Council for Award Approval. 
  4. Written requests for payment must be submitted to the Development Services Department. Paid invoices and/or canceled checks will be required to confirm expenditures. Funding will be disbursed upon review of documented expenditures and inspection of a completed project. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first serve basis until the Program Fund is depleted. 

How to Apply