Monument Order Process

Cemetery Monument Order Processes

Please refer to our Bixby Cemetery Rules & Regulations Ordinance #2426 for complete information as pertains to grave spaces, lot regulations and the ordering and setting of monuments/headstones/markers. 

Feel free to contact the Cemetery Administrator with questions.

Regular Monuments / Headstones / Markers

Monument companies will submit our City of Bixby Monument Work Order form to the Cemetery Administrator for approval PRIOR to ordering or production. This form can be obtained at the cemetery page of our City website,, or you can contact the Cemetery Administrator directly.

The Cemetery Administrator will verify information against our records, then submit it to the Cemetery Superintendent who will review the work order to make sure it meets with our regulations; and examine the space(s) where the monument/headstone/marker is to be placed, to insure there are no issues or concerns.

Once reviewed and approved, the Cemetery Administrator will update our records and notify the monument company so they can proceed with the order.

We will require monument companies notify the City at least 48 hours in advance of setting the monument/headstone/marker to have us mark the space. 

When setting a monument/headstone/marker, monument companies should be aware of regulations related to “Placement of Marker” and the related cleanup of the grave space and excavated dirt (see 7-5C-7 (W): GRAVE SPACES: LOT REGULATIONS)

Once set, the Cemetery Superintendent will take pictures and report back to the Administrator, who will update our records and close out the work order.

V.A. Headstones / Markers

The City will require that funeral homes inform us when they are placing a Veteran’s Headstone/Marker order for a family.

A copy of the V.A. Form 40-1300, “Claim for Standard Government Headstone or Marker”, can be emailed to the Cemetery Administrator for our records and information.

The Administrator will also need the following information from the funeral home:

  • Where on the grave space is it to be placed?
  • Who will be setting the headstone/marker? Please note the City does not set headstones itself. We can set a marker for a fee.

If the headstone/marker is to be delivered to the funeral home with a monument company setting it, it can be picked up by the monument company when they schedule to set the headstone/marker at the Cemetery. If it will be delivered to the Cemetery by the funeral home, please call the Cemetery Administrator or Superintendent to schedule a time with the Superintendent for delivery. 

Please be sure to sign in at the Cemetery Office upon delivery.

Once completed, the Cemetery Superintendent will take pictures and report to the Administrator, who will update our records and close out the work order.