What conditions must I meet in order to receive a permit?
  1. Such fireworks must be discharged on a non-combustible surface of sufficient size to contain the entire ground portion of the display and not closer than 25 feet to any permanent structure.
  2. The adult person shall obtain a permit from the City of Bixby or from a licensed fireworks vendor at a cost of $20.00, said permit identifying the adult in charge of this use by name and address, and also identifying the proposed location on or near the permit holder’s property.
  3. The adult permit holder in charge of the use must be physically present for any household member to use the fireworks and within 100 feet of the point of display, and have the permit posted in a place of prominence during the discharge of the fireworks for examination by any law enforcement officer.
  4. The permit holder is further responsible for the cleaning up of any debris caused by any person discharging fireworks under the permit holder.

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